But, he spit in my coffee

By: Keri Williams

A desperate mother must grapple with impossible choices as her young son with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) becomes too dangerous to live at home, but in treatment he's only growing bigger, stronger, and more violent.

Based on a true story, this reads-like-fiction memoir exposes the shocking dysfunction of the "system" and how it fails kids with RAD and their families.

You won't find another book on Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) like this one

The reads-like-fiction narrative structure will enable the reader to experience the complexities and nuances of a family in crisis. They will go into psychiatric evaluations and therapy sessions, and behind the doors of group homes and treatment facilities and see for themselves the shocking dysfunctions of the mental health system. This is the raw, unfiltered story no one else dares to tell. After this one-of-a-kind immersive experience, hopefully readers will "get it" and become advocates for the mental health reform desperately needed by kids with RAD and the families who care for them.

  •  It was amazing. I could not put it down. I read the whole thing in 1 day. (ARC reader, parent)
  •  I can’t wait to recommend it to the families I work with so they can see they are not alone. (ARC reader, therapist)
  •  This book opened my family's eyes to the reality of my life! (ARC reader, shared with family)

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD): The Essential Guide For Parents

Dispelling myths about RAD and telling the truths every parent must know. Learn tips and tricks essential to navigating the broken "system" with your child, strategies for getting a diagnosis, safety, self-care, and more! 

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What you'll find in this Essential Guide for Parents:

Understand RAD

Learn the causes and symptoms of RAD and how to get a diagnosis. Learn about the behaviors associated with RAD and what strategies do and do not work.


Telling RAD truths

This guide comes from the trenches and tells the hard truths. This is the information you need to know NOW to help you navigate this difficult journey.


Dispelling RAD myths

This is an eyes-wide-open view of the reality of reactive attachment disorder. Learn about the myths surrounding RAD and the facts.


How to get help

Learn who the players are and the tips and tricks to working your way through a broken "system" that sees you as the enemy. Get support group and resource recommendations to find help.


Focus on safety for all

Learn how to keep your child with RAD safe, keep siblings safe, and how to protect yourself against false allegations and what to do if they result in child protective services coming to your door.


Practical self-care

Parents of kids with RAD are in crisis and some develop PTSD. Get practical ideas for building your resilience and taking care of your own mental and physical health.


  • Excellent book. Please read this book if you are considering adoption or have adopted a “difficult” child. RAD is no joke or to be taken lightly. It has torn my world upside down. I’m thankful for this resource and the honest author!!! The resources in the book are a blessing. (Amazon 5-Star review)

  • Exactly what I needed. This book came at a time where I've been.so exhausted and feeling so alone. Thank you for being so real and writing exactly what I needed. The resources associated were great to share with family, friends, and providers to attempt to gain their understanding. (Amazon 5-Star Review)

Community Impact

  • Few people truly understand the daily struggles of those impacted by developmental trauma. As Keri adopted a son with developmental trauma herself, she gets to the heart of the matter in an honest and impactful way. She has drawn and retained the attention of thousands. Through her tenacity and talent for the written word, Keri is a revered leader in the nationwide community of adoptive parents." - Institute for Attachment and Child Development

  • Keri is an invaluable support to families raising children with reactive attachment disorder. Her articles affirm the challenges that come with the disorder and lessen the isolation so commonly experienced. Her personal experience and knowledge as a parent is inspiring and offers hope to others on the same difficult journey. - RAD Advocates, NPO